St. Tammany’s healthy and cost-effective business climate can help your company grow. As part of the New Orleans Metro Region—known as “Greater New Orleans”—St. Tammany boasts low business costs, successful workforce development initiatives, and responsive incentive programs.

Louisiana was ranked the #2 state with leading workforce development programs by Area Development magazine
Greater New Orleans was ranked #4 in KPMG’s list of metro areas with the lowest business costs in the Southeast – “Competitive Alternatives 2016”

Area Development magazine ranked Louisiana #2 in business incentive programs. Contact Kyle Buckley for additional information on state and local incentives

Our targeted industries include: advanced manufacturing, corporate headquarter offices, distribution and logistics, oil and gas, information technology, and healthcare and biosciences.

Workforce Development

With a population of approximately 255,000 and a civilian labor force of over 126,000, St. Tammany offers a highly-skilled, highly-trained workforce for businesses in any industry.

Our nationally-recognized K-12 education system and our world-renowned professional and technical schools produce dedicated new workers every year. Our students’ ACT scores consistently rank above the national average.

89% of our residents have a high school diploma or higher.
62% of our residents have attended at least some college.
38% of our residents have achieved advanced degrees and/or certifications.

The unemployment rate in St. Tammany consistently remains below the national average, and the per capita income in 2015 was $57,229.

65% of our residents are of working age.

Sites & Buildings

St. Tammany can accommodate your relocation or expansion with hundreds of available sites and buildings across the parish. Check out the available sites using our Site Selector Database.

Certified Sites

With more than 800 acres of pre-qualified Certified Sites, St. Tammany can accommodate development-ready projects quickly.

These sites have been designated as development-ready or “shovel-ready” after a strenuous pre-qualification process, ensuring Louisiana’s Certified Sites are primed for a speedy groundbreaking.