Snapshot: Initial Impacts of COVID-19 on St. Tammany

St. Tammany Corporation Launches New Data Reporting Program and Digital Publication

Extending Its Ongoing Campaign to Integrate Knowledge and Expertise in Data Analytics as a Core Component of Economic Development

MANDEVILLE, La – Today, Chris Masingill, CEO of St. Tammany Corporation, announced the launch of the organization’s new data reporting program by releasing Snapshot: Initial Impacts of COVID-19 on St. Tammany – a dashboard of timely, relevant, easy-to-understand data. Snapshot is the first in St. Tammany Corporation’s new ongoing digital research publication, The AnalyST, which will anchor an innovative website focused specifically on telling the story of St. Tammany through analysis of its economic characteristics.

This initial publication focuses on a selection of data specifically related to the community’s economic and health landscape during the pandemic. Indicators include the current status of COVID-19 cases, unemployment claims, and demographic information that details the vulnerable populations in St. Tammany.

“At every level of economic development, key decisions are fact-based and data-driven, which is why understanding the initial impacts of the pandemic is paramount to benchmarking St. Tammany’s recovery progress in the coming months as the parish gradually, safely, and sustainably reopens its economy,” said Masingill.

Going forward, The AnalyST research initiative, led by St. Tammany Corporation Research Analyst & Economic Development Specialist Elizabeth Lee, will track, interpret, visualize, and report on an array of economic and demographic indicators that make up St. Tammany.

Masingill added, “St. Tammany Corporation strives to be a trusted resource for our community and partners by providing data with context to tell a story about where we are and where we are going in order to achieve our vision of strategically aligning the economic landscape of St. Tammany to be the destination of choice for highly-skilled talent and business formation, expansion and retention.”