ITEP Local Endorsement Process

The Industrial Tax Exemption Program Local Endorsement Process is as follows (see Process Flow Chart below):

1. Once a company is approved by the Board of Commerce and Industry, LED will notify the Parish Council, The School Board, The Sheriff’s Department, any applicable Municipal Council, and St. Tammany Corporation.

2. Within 30 days the applicable taxing authorities will place the ITEP (and notify LED of this action) on the agenda for their next meeting to maximize the time period for local discussion; however,

A. Any taxing authority may elect to not place an ITEP on their agenda for consideration/discussion.

B. By doing so the taxing authority in question is deferring their approval or denial to the State Board of Commerce and Industry

3. St. Tammany Corporation will send the company a local application which will be utilized to compile information deemed necessary for proper evaluation. The company will have 14 days to complete and return the application.

4. St. Tammany Corporation will conduct an impact analysis of the project using industry recognized software.

5. Within 30 days of initial notification, The Parish ITEP Committee (consisting of representatives from each taxing authority) will meet to discuss the project. Discussion will center around:

A. Project compliance with Parish Guidelines

B. Apparent Project Advantages/Disadvantages stated in LED documents

C. Reviewing St. Tammany Corporation’s impact analysis

The Parish ITEP Committee will determine if the project does or does not comply with local guidelines and send a letter stating such along with the findings from the Impact Analysis Study to the respective taxing authorities.

The taxing authorities will vote to approve or deny the company’s ITEP at their scheduled meetings.

Each taxing authority will notify LED within 3 business days with the results of the vote and the subsequent resolution.