Meet Elliot Metzger, founder of Talisea, a company anchored in an innovative vision for converting regional risk into environmental returns.

Hear more about his journey as an entrepreneur on the Northshore.

Help us get to know you, the entrepreneur, better.

I have been working in the energy industry over the last ten years and recently relocated to the Covington area from Houston to be closer to family and to begin my work as an entrepreneur. I have found my new role both exciting and stressful – leaving corporate stability was tough, even tougher because I walked away from a great company, but I knew I wanted to pursue something more.

What business venture are you working on?

My company, Talisea, is taking a new and fresh approach to the offshore wind and hydrogen opportunity in the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana has an incredible mix of tools in its tool box – other states do not have this luxury. Talisea is working to integrate existing wind and hydrogen production technology to pursue a unique application along the Gulf Coast.

In what ways has IDEAinstitute Northshore provided value?

IDEAinstitute has been a fantastic rubric for all the planning and development I completed before starting the program. Some things I got right, other matters I completely missed. It is even better to have an engaged cohort full of non-energy focused expertise to solicit feedback. It is easy to get stuck in an “energy-silo” and IDEAinstitute keeps me from getting stuck in one.

We can’t wait to see the new heights that Elliot reaches with Talisea and are proud that she calls the Northshore home!

Meet Cierra, Kody, and Taylor Tassin, the entrepreneurs who have all the lighting solutions you’ll need to transform your venue. Hear more about Radiant Rentals and the Tassins journey as an entrepreneur on the Northshore.
In what ways has IDEAinstitute Northshore helped you succeed?
“After the pandemic, I took on a business development role to further assist in growing the company in ways we did not previously think we were capable of. IDEAinstitute Northshore has allowed me to make connections, expand the company’s network, and get educated on ways to continue to make this business successful. IDEAinstitute Northshore has also helped reframe my thought process from employee to business owner. Now, I now feel confident in my capacity to make relationships with people within the event and wedding planning industry. From lessons that I’ve learned, I am now restructuring the organization to create a better and more efficient operation, allowing Radiant Rentals to quickly expand its capabilities. We are excited to continue to grow our team and bring the best lights to the best events in New Orleans.”
We can’t wait to see the new heights that Taylor, along with the Radiant Rentals team, reaches and are proud that she calls the Northshore home!

Meet Victoria Masters and Devin McKinley, the founders behind 11th Haus who are building intentionally crafted products meant to shift your reality and change the world and hear about their journey as entrepreneurs on the Northshore.

“We are the founders of 11th Haus, an e-commerce brand with a focus on modern alchemy and wellness. We pre-launched our first line, social and attraction-based pheromones, and in the same week we started IDEAinstitute Northshore, and we are so happy we did! Because of what we have learned in this program, our messaging has done a 180 to better support our customers and the future of our brand.  We can’t thank you enough!”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for these two and are proud that 11th Haus calls the Northshore home!

IDEAinstitute Northshore is a 10-week idea-stage accelerator for founders who are looking to turn their ideas into a high-growth, scalable business. Loyola University’s Felipe Massa, Ph.D., leads weekly learning modules that take early-stage founders through the foundational elements of creating a business based on Lean Startup Methodology.


Meet Nicole Schoolfiled, the Mother who is empowering our little girls to be healthy, to feel good in their bodies, and to help create joyful relationships between mommies and their girls. Hear about her journey as an entrepreneur on the Northshore.

Help us get to know you, the entrepreneur, better.

“My reason for starting my own company was simple, I wanted to create a life for myself that felt purposeful, that gave me the most time with my family, and that uplifted women.”

“What business venture are you working on?

“My company is a mommy and me athletic apparel line named My Petite & Me. The idea was what better way to teach little girls positive self-body image, healthy habits, and empowerment techniques than by watching their mommies do it with them! I saw the mommy and me clothing trends taking off, but so much of the clothing I bought was poor quality and after one wash they could no longer be worn. So, I took a year’s time working with fabrics and fits for women who have had children so that I could offer superior fabrics and fits that little girls and moms would both love.”

In what ways has IDEAinstitute Northshore provided value?

“IDEAinstitute Northshore has been helpful for me mainly in feeling like I am not alone. I worked on my own making mistakes, trial and error for more than a year before starting the program. Our weekly meetings were the first time I was sitting with other people doing the same. When you work on a vision or idea, it can easily feel like no one else understands what you are striving for. As a start-up so much of the work is done alone figuring it out. Having a network of people who you know are also in this position, and a team of teachers and supporters who believe in taking an idea, vision or dream into reality feels really empowering.”

We can’t wait to see the new heights that Nicole reaches with My Petite & Me and are proud that she calls the Northshore home!

Meet Jen Smiley, an expert food coach who has helped thousands of people make food simple so they can feel their best and hear about her journey as an entrepreneur on the Northshore.

Help us get to know you, the entrepreneur, better.

Jen Smiley is the founder of Wake Up and Read the Labels and The Clean Eating Academy an innovative and sustainable program that is designed to simplify your approach on how to eat clean. As a busy mother of two boys and a master food coach, Jen has seen firsthand the effect that seemingly ‘healthy foods’ have taken on many consumers and has helped thousands of individuals conquer everyday issues such as fatigue, skin breakouts, weight gain and more, through the true medicine of clean eating.

What business venture are you working on?

The Clean Eating Academy is an immersive, online course that has an endless number of videos and every day, simple recipe suggestions for various meals as well as tips and tricks on everything from how to find clean products at the grocery store, to learning how to dine out and enjoy the foods that you live, but in the cleanest way possible. From one-on-one coaching sessions with Jen, to group seminars, each individual can find their own wellness journey to embark on by simply waking up, reading the labels and eating foods that are made with REAL ingredients to feel their best each and every day.

In what ways has IDEAinstitute Northshore provided value?

“As I am creating a business model to turn this personal brand into a tech-driven business that is scalable, Idea Village is helping me identify my avatar and discovering what is missing in the health wellness market that I can fill.  Often, I am working in my business with coaching, podcast, video creation, social media and the working ON the business gets neglected.  IDEAinstitute Northshore is allowing me to take a step back and look at what is happening then discovering solutions to help make this idea scalable.”


Meet Dr. Lakisha Davis Flagg, the U.S. Army Veteran who is on a mission to build support systems for other service members in need and hear about her journey as an entrepreneur on the Northshore.

“After retiring with 26 years of service as a U.S. Army Nurse, my commitment to caring for service members did not waver. But as a newly minted Louisianian, I quickly realized that the creation of a local business to address the unmet housing and wellness needs of our elderly Veterans would be impossible to achieve without access to key stakeholders and supporters. Today, thanks to IDEAinstitute Northshore, I’m on target to develop a viable business plan and now have access to a remarkable community of entrepreneurs and small business advocates to help me turn my passion into a successful local business. This program has proven to be a unique enabler for business creation. I’m immensely grateful to have been selected as a participant and I am excited – and now better equipped, for the way ahead.”

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