About Us


As the lead economic development organization for St. Tammany, St. Tammany Corporation’s mission is to create capacity and sophistication as an organization resulting in transformational leadership with the greater outcome of economic prosperity for all of St. Tammany.


Our vision is to strategically align the economic landscape in St. Tammany to be the destination of choice for highly-skilled talent and business formation, attraction, expansion and retention.

Organizational Values

Our values outline exactly who we are as an organization and clearly outlines what others can expect from us as leaders, partners, and truth tellers. THRIVE tells us exactly where we are going and how we will measure our effectiveness and success. We are:


We intend to move our relationships with business and industry beyond that transactional level, but truly build relationships, partnerships, and coalitions that are transformational – ones that transform the capacity of St. Tammany as a business destination.


Honesty and integrity are paramount in economic development.

We must clearly articulate our scope, services, value, and impact as an economic development organization.


We aim to move past inputs and outputs and to truly celebrate outcomes.

We can produce results-driven work by utilizing our data tools to best understand exactly where our community is right now and creating a program of work that moves the needle towards positive outcomes resulting in a more competitive community for business, industry, and talent.


We understand that economic development is not a cookie cutter business and the work of an economic development organization can be very broad from workforce and talent, to placemaking, to small business development, to land and site development.

We aim to be intentional with our initiatives, programs, resources, and capacity.

We want to engage in high value activities that align with our biggest economic development opportunities for sustainable economic growth.


The economic development organization’s work is vital to the maintenance and growth of the quality of life we hold dear in St. Tammany. We serve as the truthteller of the economic vitality of the parish.


The economic development organization must be engaged directly with all relevant partners: industry and business, parish government and municipalities, LED and GNO, Inc., education and workforce allies all while remaining ahead of the curve on international, national, and regional economic development industry trends and best practices.

As economic development practitioners, we must be engaged in lifelong learning, active listening to constituents and partners, and aware of threats to the local, regional, and state economy.


St. Tammany Corporation is proud to serve as a partner to businesses throughout St. Tammany as well as business and industry looking to locate or launch its business in our parish.

We strive to continue to strategically align the economic landscape to be the destination of choice for highly-skilled talent and business formation, attraction, expansion and retention. We want to continue to create and cultivate an environment with favorable conditions where businesses of all sizes and industries can THRIVE.

These services include but are not limited to:

    • Business formation
    • Business attraction
    • Business expansion
    • Business retention
    • Talent retention
    • Site selection
    • Certified site development
    • Workforce development
    • Research and data services
    • Identifying and providing access to state and local incentives
    • Post relocation or expansion support
    • Acting as a liaison with Louisiana Economic Development
    • Providing confidential project planning and management
    • Assisting with obtaining local professional service providers
    • Marketing St. Tammany