2022 Research Fellowship

Job Description & Details


The purpose of the St. Tammany Corporation Research Fellowship Program is to create an opportunity for an emerging young professional who has interest in the field of economic development to gain versatile experience in a high-performing, high-functioning economic development organization. The fellow will provide additional staff capacity for the organization to continue reaching its goals and benchmarks while learning as they work. The Fellowship’s scope of work will be integral to St. Tammany Corporation’s strategic plan, THRIVE2023, and the selected fellow will focus on key efforts and initiatives with clearly outlined goals and deliverables. The fellow will gain a deep understanding of local economic development and are exposed to multiple aspects of the professional field, with the opportunity to gain experience in their particular area or areas of interest.

  • Responsibilities

The ideal candidate for this position exhibits professionalism, flexibility, and a positive mindset. The ideal candidate has a keen eye for details, has strong writing and analysis skills, and is eager to gain experience in a broad range of economic development responsibilities while still comfortable managing specific projects.

Some of the responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Support role for research, policy, and strategic initiatives:
    1. Collect, organize, track, interpret, and report on selected economic indicators for the purposes of marketing, educating, and promoting the community.
    2. Provide staff support for economic development activities using tools such as Salesforce, GeoThinQ, Canva, Louisiana Commercial Database, Emsi, ESRI, Entergy’s Buildings and Sites database, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, and others.
    3. Use above sources for regular collection of data for monthly and quarterly reports published in The AnalyST covering economic and demographic indicators:
      1. Unemployment, jobs, housing, transportation, industrial data, education data, consumer/producer price index, GDP/GRP, etc.Respond to internal and external requests for information and log in spreadsheet.
    4. Respond to internal and external requests for information and log in spreadsheet.
    5. Other responsibilities as required.
  • Support role for economic development and land & sites operations:
    1. Create marketing collateral for the LED Certified Sites Program meant to educate property owners about the program and its benefits.
    2. Field, vet, and log incoming RFPs.
    3. Analyze eligible potential sites for future certification.
    4. Other responsibilities as required.

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