COVID-19 Coronavirus Business Survey

In coordination with our partners at Louisiana Economic Development and Greater New Orleans, Inc. (GNO, Inc.), St Tammany Corporation is assisting in efforts to reach out to companies across the state to begin assessing the economic impacts associated with the COVID-19 event. The experience of COVID-19 is affecting companies in different ways, and the situation is rapidly evolving. As we seek to help companies respond, please tell us how your company is preparing for or being impacted by COVID-19/Coronavirus by answering a few short questions.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Business Survey
Have you enacted an emergency plan or policies to protect employees? *
Has your business been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak? *
What area(s) of your business have been impacted the most?
Check all that apply.
Has your company put in place travel or meeting restrictions?
Has your business established restrictions to its work site? *
Have you postponed any expansions or development projects, or do you anticipate any project delays? *
Has your business or company reduced operational hours, shifts, or work days? *
Do you expect your Q1/Q2 revenue/sales will be affected by COVID-19? *
Does your company have remote work hardware or software in place if remote work is required? *
What industry is your business? *
What is the size of your business? *

Future Updates

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